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Hardwood flooring can encompass a wide range of options. Traditional hardwood flooring is made from wood and timber products and can be solid or engineered. Solid wood floors are the floors seen in historical buildings- this type of flooring was originally used for structural purposes, but is now used solely because of its appearance. Engineered wood flooring is comprised of at least two layers of real wood which comprise a plank. Often laminate, veneer and even vinyl flooring is confused for engineered wood flooring. It is important to remember that engineered wood flooring is wood on all layers, while these other forms of flooring may only have a thin coating of wood, or may not be wood at all.

Hardwood floors are extremely popular for several reasons. First is appearance. The warm glow of wooden floors cannot be matched. Also, wooden floors are easier to clean than carpet and can give a home a spacious, clean look. But, hardwood floors do have their disadvantages as well. The biggest disadvantage is price. Due to the fact that real wood is used for these floors, the price tends to be substantially higher than other materials. In addition to this, special care needs to be taken when maintaining wood floors. Care has to be taken to avoid scratching the surface of the wood, and not all household cleaners are safe for use on these floors.