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Good carpeting can add warmth and color to a room. It can also add class and style. Whether it is woven by hand or mass produced the intricate patterns, the feel of the materials and the colors used can transform what was a bare, cold structure into a true home. Carpets are the base on which many households are built. They set the tone and may inspire the choice of furnishings used to create the character of the home or business. But carpeting also has many disadvantages. They can be magnets for dust mites, dirt, bugs and germs and they are also expensive to keep clean. Cleaning up spills, removing stains and keeping them hypoallergenic can be a nightmare.

Carpets provide excellent insulation. Whether it is hot or cold carpets can help to maintain the temperature in the home and cut down on the power bill. While hardwood floors or tile may look impressive and stylish, they invariable allow heat or cold to radiate through the floors. That can become a problem especially when the winter chill settles over the building during the colder months. Carpeting can make getting out of bed and walking to the bathroom a lot more pleasant on cold winter mornings. It can also help prevent colds because children and adults don't have to play or walk on ice-cold floors.

The beauty of the right carpeting can also make a dramatic difference in a home. They can add life to the home and create a unique look in each room. The design, color or thickness of the carpet can really make a statement in each room. One need not pay exorbitant prices for imported carpets to set the mood and atmosphere. A good carpet in neutral tones can make any room look and feel warm, rich and inviting no matter the season.

Carpeting is also great for helping to insulate against sound. Carpet tends to absorb the sound and keep it isolated into specific rooms. It also cuts down on the echo effect. Often people with teenagers or adolescents choose carpeting for their rooms for just this reason.